On Mission

Recently at Asbury we heard from Peter Xu Yongze, who was one of the three founders of the House Church movement in China. Millions upon millions of Chinese have come to know the Lord Jesus through this move of God. Pastor Xu is now 78 years old and is living in Colorado. Before moving to the United States some 12 years ago, he had been in and out of prison a number of times in China. His trust in the Lord is awe-inspiring; he continues to work to unite Christians in China in an effort called Back to Jerusalem. Read more →

The book of Nehemiah is a story of one man who led the effort to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, after the city was destroyed in 587 B.C. and many of her citizens were taken into exile. Nehemiah’s leadership is a sterling example of what can be accomplished when God’s gives a vision His people. It just so happened that his heart was broken for the things that break God’s heart. Read more →

I thank God daily that one of our own [name omitted for protection] has received the call of God to return to his native country of Turkey and be a missionary to his own people. As a former Muslim with a wonderful education and strong business acumen, he has already proven himself to be effective in ministry. He recently sent the following messages to several people. I thought you would want to know so you can be in prayer for both him and Turkey as well. Read more →