Asbury UMC

Over the next two years, Asbury is focusing our resources to strategically achieve more. The ONE Initiative is a two-year spiritual and financial journey that will provide the resources to fulfill the next step in God’s vision for our church. The financial goal for this initiative is growing disciples who will invest $8 million above current giving to radically impact the following three areas of our church: Read more →

On the first Sunday of March, 2016 Asbury Church will be celebrating its thirtieth birthday. The birth of this wonderful church came about through the vision of The Rev. Marcus Long, who as pastor of Madison United Methodist Church saw what the future would be. It continues to be a source of great joy to have Marcus present with us. I have sought Marcus’ counsel over the years. One piece of advice he has offered people over the years is a Shakespeare quote from the play Hamlet. Read more →

Jesus came to the earth with a mission. Now that we are the body of Christ, we share this mission. There is nothing more satisfying than being part of a family that knows who it is and what it is about. We have been created to be an echo of the never-ending love that exists between the Father and the Son, through the Holy Spirit. Read more →