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Walk to Emmaus

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For over thirty years, I have been a huge advocate for the Walk to Emmaus. This 72-hour spiritual renewal program has had a profound effect on many individuals and churches. I believe that the Holy Spirit moves in a powerful way for many reasons, three of which are: (1) the amount of praying that takes place, before and during the walk, (2) the radical hospitality that is practiced, and (3) the formation of authentic small groups during the walk.

As I mentioned, the Emmaus Walk is a 72-hour spiritual renewal program to strengthen local churches by growing Christian leaders and disciples.  It is a short course in Christianity by lay and clergy on the themes of God's grace, disciplines of Christian discipleship, and what it means to be the church.  It includes prayer, meditation, worship, and daily celebration of Holy Communion.  It is a dedicated time to being in relationship with God and other Christians.  It is not just for persons who already serve in visible leadership roles within the local church, but also for those involved in any aspect of service including doing various tasks, helping others, praying, etc.; whether visibly or invisibly. 

Walk participants are more passionate when they finish their Walk to serve the Lord and get involved.  After the Walk, participants are encouraged to meet regularly in small groups to challenge and support one another in faithful living and service in their family, job, community, and church as active members of the body of Christ on mission to the world.

An Emmaus Walk is not for everyone.  It is not intended to be therapy for people who are experience a life trauma such as the death of a loved one, loss of job, divorce, etc. Practically speaking the Walk is also not for those who: cannot sit still for long periods or have difficulty in relating in a healthy way in small groups.

If you are interested in going on an Emmaus Walk, or a Chrysalis Flight (Walk equivalent for ages 15-21), please e-mail me at Someone from our Asbury Emmaus/Chrysalis Gathering will contact you to discuss Walk/Flight venues available, costs, application forms, specific planned dates in our area, and assisting in obtaining a required sponsor.

I strongly urge you to consider taking advantage of this life transforming experience.