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Road Trip to Oregon


Carla and I recently returned from a road trip to the west coast. The genesis of this trip was that my 93-year old father decided (with a little encouragement) that it was time for him to give up driving. An interesting side note is that my dad has never had a wreck in his 79 years of driving. He still thinks he could pass a written or driving test!

He decided to give his 2007 Ford Focus with 50k miles to our youngest son Patrick, who lives in Pendleton, Oregon. He teaches at Blue Mountain Community College. Carla and I decided to personally deliver the vehicle to Patrick. We have never visited him in his 14 months in Pendleton. The trip gave us an opportunity to spend five wonderful days with Patrick and his girlfriend Ashley, who also teaches at BMCC.

We decided to travel north to Sioux City, Iowa, and then west to the Badlands and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. When then traveled through northeast Wyoming, stopping to see Devils Tower, and then to Missoula, Montana. Then we traveled over the Bitterroot Mountains in to Lewiston, Idaho. Our journey took us to Walla, Walla Washington, and then to Pendleton, Oregon. Carla and I had never traveled through most of this territory. We found it fascinating and even awe-inspiring.

The highlight of our trip was spending time with Patrick and Ashley. To make it even better, we had the opportunity to explore a part of God’s creation with them. Life done together is a wonderful thing. As I ponder our fantastic trip I am reminded that God does not throw his good things away. This world of ours is going to be renewed and redeemed. Heaven and earth will become one. All that is good, all that we love and cherish about life will be permanently available to us in the age to come.

I for one and am so glad; because I love it!!