Into the Silence
Challenges of "The New Atheistic Movement”

Skeptics are Welcome

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There is a group of four men (including me) who meet regularly to discuss matters of faith from the viewpoint of a skeptic/unbeliever. I love meeting with this group and am energized by the challenge of giving defense for my faith in Christ to a group of men who come from a different perspective.

As a result of being in this group, there are 10 matters that have become very important to me as a Christ follower. I list these in no particular order:

  1. Matters of faith should be able to be communicated with reasonableness and intelligence, being able to withstand the most articulate scrutiny.
  2. The growing number of skeptics and unbelievers in our society should be invited into conversations with people of faith.
  3. The infallible fruit of a living faith in Christ is a life of love. Those who disagree with me or oppose me should no less be recipients of this love and acceptance.
  4. People are never a means to an end; relationships are priceless.
  5. As the Senior (this word has two appropriate meanings) Pastor of Asbury it is important that unbelievers feel welcomed to our church.
  6. I do not have all the answers; I can learn from anyone else.
  7. Each person is on a unique journey. Only God understands us completely.
  8. Laughter is very much needed. I will not take myself too seriously.
  9. Only God can create faith. I am simply a vessel in His hands.
  10. Jesus Christ is the most winsome, loving, challenging and healing human being who ever lived. And, He is alive!

I encourage you not to be threatened by those who come from a different faith/unfaith place than you. Love them, listen well and build those relationships. God still works miracles.



P.S. If you would like to be part of the Group, please contact me!