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A Little Inside Information

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Not long ago, the leadership at Asbury Church made the decision to establish a Senior Leadership Team. The idea is that rather than one or two persons making key ministerial decisions, there would be a team of people using a collaborative and consensus building model for leadership. Functioning as leaders in a collaborative manner is certainly part of God’s design as revealed in scripture.

Currently, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of eight members: Tommy Gray, Chris Montgomery, Ted Amey, Peter Dahlin, Chris Knox, Bill Munts, Terry Jackson, and yours truly.

I must confess that I am ambivalent about the term Senior Leadership Team. The reason is that the greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ, said, The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve. It is our Lord’s command that the best leaders are the ones who serve the most. Yet, I realize for clarity’s sake that the SLT moniker brings clarity and understanding. I just want you to know that the mantel that those of us on the SLT wear is one of a serving heart for the sake of the Body of Christ at Asbury.

In our church polity, clergy and staff work closely with the lay leadership of the church. Ultimately, decisions made within the church are made by teams of church members. Therefore, for Asbury Church, the SLT works in a collaborative manner with the various lay committees, which make up the broad spectrum of Asbury activities and responsibilities.

As the SLT, we have been meeting to seek God’s direction to achieve clarity of purpose. We realize that the future health of Asbury depends upon leaders who do not have a personal agenda for power and control, but are inspired by the Lord Jesus for humility, sacrifice and humble submission. I am thankful for this team and will share updates with you as they arise.