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March 2016

Over the next two years, Asbury is focusing our resources to strategically achieve more. The ONE Initiative is a two-year spiritual and financial journey that will provide the resources to fulfill the next step in God’s vision for our church. The financial goal for this initiative is growing disciples who will invest $8 million above current giving to radically impact the following three areas of our church: Read more →

Recently at Asbury we heard from Peter Xu Yongze, who was one of the three founders of the House Church movement in China. Millions upon millions of Chinese have come to know the Lord Jesus through this move of God. Pastor Xu is now 78 years old and is living in Colorado. Before moving to the United States some 12 years ago, he had been in and out of prison a number of times in China. His trust in the Lord is awe-inspiring; he continues to work to unite Christians in China in an effort called Back to Jerusalem. Read more →