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December 2015

Carla and I will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary on December 28. For thirty-five years I have had many wins and also a few duds concerning spousal Christmas gift giving. One thing about the duds: they are memorable. Early on I believe I gave her an electric skillet! Then about ten years later I gave her an antique 5-gallon jug. Read more →

On the first Sunday of March, 2016 Asbury Church will be celebrating its thirtieth birthday. The birth of this wonderful church came about through the vision of The Rev. Marcus Long, who as pastor of Madison United Methodist Church saw what the future would be. It continues to be a source of great joy to have Marcus present with us. I have sought Marcus’ counsel over the years. One piece of advice he has offered people over the years is a Shakespeare quote from the play Hamlet. Read more →

During the recent trip to Israel, our group visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem. There is a section that is dedicated to Gentiles who risked their lives to save Jewish people from the murderous Nazis. The term that is used to describe these non-Jews who risked so much is “Righteous Among the Nations.” The names of those honored are engraved along an avenue of trees at the Jerusalem memorial. Read more →