Signs of the Times

Pruned for God's Vision



On Sunday evening January 25, 2015 the Asbury family was invited to the Grace Worship Service to hear exciting stories, to worship and pray and to hear my presentation called REVEAL.  I made this presentation after the Lord had given me a message concerning the future of Asbury.  I say this in humility, because I don’t always hear from God and sometimes I hear incorrectly.  This was a time, though, in which I felt that I clearly heard a word from Jesus.

In my message I talked about the command from God to Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.  This is what I said: 

As an act of incredible faith Abraham placed his beloved son, Isaac, on the altar of sacrifice, somehow believing that God would provide.  What is it that we love, that God is calling us to place on the altar of sacrifice?  I love this church, I love the children’s ministry, the youth ministry; I love the worship; the prayer ministry, missions, groups, care ministry.  I have been with Asbury nearly eighteen years; this is Carla’s and my home; our children became young men here.  In so many ways I feel that this is my church, you are my people, and these are my ministries.  I have ownership in the ministry that has taken place. 

And so I hear the voice of God calling me to lay on the altar all these things that I love.  Isaac was Abraham’s beloved son.  Yet, Isaac did not belong to Abraham; he belonged to God.  I must surrender to God my church, my people, my way of doing ministry so that I may recognize: this is God’s church, not mine; you are God’s people not mine; this is God’s ministry, not mine.

Even though I have spoken personally I believe these words apply to us all.  There is nothing that any of us do, through our life and ministry at Asbury, which is ours; it is all God’s.  Together we place on the altar of sacrifice all the: me, myself and I’s.  The future is yours Lord.  Do with us what you will…you are Jehovah Jireh!

As we have searched the heart of God and sought to relinquish need for control God has been pruning us.  This is not a bad thing at all.  God prunes those he loves, that they might bear more fruit (John 15:1-2).  We have made a number of changes, both structurally and in ministry.  I will be using this blog to inform you of these changes and to let you know of the fruit, which is being produced as we are seeking to live into the vision God has given us. 

If you wish to read the REVEAL message in its entirety you may click here to do so.

Blessings to you my friends…we’ll talk again soon.