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On Mission in Belize and Beyond

Don't go to church.


As this blog is posted I am with 7 of my dear Asbury friends on mission in Belize.  We are being hosted by our mission partner, Dr. Edwin Leon and his assistant Hilario.  Hilario is planting churches in Mayan villages.  Interestingly, Hilario’s father is a Mayan chief.  God is able to help Hilario leverage this family connection as he shares the gospel in this part of Belize.

At the same time, we have a team in Jamaica working with Life In Abundance ministries and another team working a Kairos Walk in San Sebastian prison in Costa Rica.  These are just a few of the teams traveling all over the world on mission with God through Asbury Church in 2015.

Whenever we prepare for mission trips we emphasize two key points:

1.     We are called to be on mission with God 24/7, wherever we may be.  We are representatives of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, at all times.

2.     Going on a mission trip means that we are on mission in a different venue than we normally find ourselves.

Whether it is Ghana or the Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville we are no more on mission than in our homes, our places of work, school or at our favorite eating establishment.

When I was in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, I saw a women coming toward me as I walked down Peachtree Street.  I noticed that her shirt had the statement “Don’t go to Church” on it.  I thought this interesting and somewhat amusing.  As we passed, I noticed that there was a statement on the back of her shirt.  It said, “Be the Church!”

Yes!  I got it!  This is so true.  I never go somewhere and then arrive at church.  You and I (WE) are the church, wherever and whenever.

So my friends, be the Church,