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Certainly, as a Wesleyan protestant, there are a number of theological matters upon which the Pope and I would not agree. There is no mistaking one fact, though. There is no other Christian leader in the world that garners as much attention as Francis. For the following reasons I am glad that he has gained such worldwide notoriety. Read more →

The book of Nehemiah is a story of one man who led the effort to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, after the city was destroyed in 587 B.C. and many of her citizens were taken into exile. Nehemiah’s leadership is a sterling example of what can be accomplished when God’s gives a vision His people. It just so happened that his heart was broken for the things that break God’s heart. Read more →

I thank God daily that one of our own [name omitted for protection] has received the call of God to return to his native country of Turkey and be a missionary to his own people. As a former Muslim with a wonderful education and strong business acumen, he has already proven himself to be effective in ministry. He recently sent the following messages to several people. I thought you would want to know so you can be in prayer for both him and Turkey as well. Read more →

We were overwhelmed with the massive beauty of the water hurdling over the falls. I discovered that actually 150,000 gallons of water goes over the falls every second, which comes to 9,000,000 million gallons a minute! I am reminded that often I greatly underestimate the power and presence of God at work around me. When my faith is small, I think too small, I feel too little, and I act with less boldness. Read more →

As we have searched the heart of God and sought to relinquish need for control God has been pruning us. This is not a bad thing at all. God prunes those he loves, that they might bear more fruit (John 15:1-2). We have made a number of changes, both structurally and in ministry. I will be using this blog to inform you of these changes and to let you know of the fruit, which is being produced as we are seeking to live into the vision God has given us. Read more →

This vision of a future reality is impossible without God. To dare the impossible one has to see the invisible. With God, all things are possible. In order for this vision to become a reality we must learn anew what it means to take up our cross and live passionately and sacrificially for the sake of the One who died for each of us. This vision will become a reality through much planning, strategizing and organizing. But most of all this vision will be realized through the sacrificial acts of each of us. Read more →